We are the one and only live enzyme yeast drink in Japan.

Enzymes are vital nutrients which help maintain our body’s well-being, both inside and out.
The power of enzymes is most evident in their ability to effectively help with revitalization and recovery.
These enzymes occur naturally in our bodies but as we get older they deplete, so by using Fugen we can continue to keep our enzyme supply recharged.

The most unique things are…

Fugen enzyme products has been on the market for 64 years in Japan. As of April 2015, our products have sold more than 9 billion units.

We used well-selected, good quality wild yeast and the minimum essential fruit extract for fueling the live yeast. According to our research, the power and benefits of live yeast enzyme is incomparable to non-live one.

In Japan our product is not only used for personal use, it’s also used by medical, fitness and health and beauty practitioners. Our products have been traded at the Japan Federal Medical Cooperative Association for 33 years.

For our overseas customers we will be selling Fugen enzyme in powder form.

The Fugen enzyme with boysenberry extract

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The top-grade Fugen enzyme

We have two types of the Fugen enzyme in powder form.
Both contain boysenberry extract. The differences between the two products are
(a) the potency of the enzyme, which is higher in the top-grade product and also
(b) the top-grade product contains Vitamin P (Hesperidin-S).

<How to drink>
You can ingest the powder directly by letting it dissolve on your tongue.
Alternatively, mix with water or any other beverage, except alcohol.

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